What’s the restauration fair

The International Restoration Exhibition is the main fair in Italy dedicated to the restoration of cultural and environmental heritage. It takes place every two years at Ferrara Fiere and brings together professionals, companies, institutions and researchers in the sector from all over the world.

When: The next edition of the Salone del Restauro will be held in Ferrara Fiere from 15 to 17 May 2024.

What you will find: Exhibition area: Over 300 companies will present their latest innovations in products, technologies and services for restoration. You will be able to find solutions for the restoration of paintings, sculptures, wooden artefacts, architecture, archaeological assets and much more. Conference space: Conferences, seminars and workshops will be held on various topics related to restoration, with the participation of internationally renowned experts. Exhibitions: Exhibitions dedicated to specific aspects of restoration or particularly valuable cultural heritage are set up. Events: Collateral events also take place during the Show, such as live demonstrations, awards ceremonies and guided visits to museums and archaeological sites in the area.

Why visit it: To stay updated on the latest news in the sector: The Salone del Restauro is a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of restoration. To meet professionals and companies: You will be able to directly meet the main protagonists of the restoration sector and make new contacts. To deepen your knowledge: The conferences, seminars and workshops of the Show offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on specific topics related to restoration. To see restored cultural assets up close: The exhibitions of the Salon allow you to admire up close cultural assets restored with the most modern techniques.


idropulitrici e generatori di vapore

why shall you visit us?

We will bring an innovative machine to the world of restoration: Idreta, a micro nebulizer that manages to clean surfaces as best as possible without scratching them. We have patented machines that are completely different from traditional ones, in fact they are entirely electric and can use very little water. Seeing is believing. Would you like to know more? come and visit us at pavilion 4 stand c9; or contact us and request a trial of Idreta.

Chiudi filtri/Close filters
Portata acqua in pressione/Pressurized water flow
Fissa/mobile - fixed/mobile
Serbatoio d'acqua/Water tank
Portata vapore/Steam flow
Potenza caldaie idropulitrice/Pressure washer boiler power
Riscaldamento acqua/Water heating
Tipo vapore/Steam type
Potenza caldaie vapore/Steam boiler power