How pressure washers work in the Atex sector

High pressure washers in the Atex sector are powerful and versatile tools used for industrial cleaning in environments with a high risk of explosion. These machines use a jet of water to remove dirt, residue and other impurities from solid, liquid or gaseous surfaces.

The main feature of pressure washers in the Atex sector is their compliance with ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) standards. These standards establish safety and protection standards for equipment used in potentially explosive environments.

Atex pressure washers are designed to prevent sparks and overheating that could cause an explosion, thus protecting personnel and equipment in the workplace.

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Advantages of high pressure washers in the Atex sector

Together with the safety factor, another advantage of pressure washers in the Atex sector is their versatility. They are suitable for cleaning equipment, floors, walls, pipes and many other components in various industrial sectors. Thanks to the regulation of pressure and flow rate, it is possible to adapt the water jet to specific cleaning needs.

High pressure washers in the Atex sector are also characterized by greater durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand the most severe environmental conditions and to be used intensively without suffering damage or interruptions. This ensures greater productivity and less downtime.

Finally, the use of pressure washers in the Atex sector leads to efficient and effective cleaning, reducing the time and effort needed to clean industrial surfaces. This results in improved cleaning operations and greater overall efficiency.

Applications of high pressure washers in the Atex sector

High pressure washers in the Atex sector find numerous applications in various industrial sectors. Their versatility makes them suitable for cleaning a wide range of surfaces and equipment.

In the chemical industry, Atex pressure washers can be used for cleaning reactors, tanks, pipes and other components that require thorough and safe cleaning. Thanks to the high pressure water jet, they are able to effectively remove chemical residues and impurities from these surfaces.

In the oil industry, Atex pressure washers are used for cleaning petrochemical equipment and plants. They can remove oils, greases and other substances that accumulate on surfaces such as tanks, pipes, pumps and valves.

Atex pressure washers are also widely used in the food sector. They can be used to clean production machinery, packaging plants, work surfaces and other equipment that must meet strict hygiene standards.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Atex pressure washers are essential for cleaning sterile environments and equipment used in the production of medicines and healthcare products. Thanks to their ATEX compliance, these machines ensure that the cleaning process does not compromise the purity of the products.

Idroeletrika Srl’s electric high-pressure washers are Ex/Atex certified, specific for the risk areas indicated as zone 1/21 and 2/22.

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