Electric pressure washers offer several economic advantages compared to petrol models:
  • Purchase cost: Electric pressure washers are generally less expensive than petrol ones for the same performance. This is because electric motors are simpler and less expensive to produce than internal combustion engines.

  • Greater availability of economical models: the market for electric pressure washers is larger and more competitive, with a greater offer of affordable models.

Management costs

  • Lower energy consumption: electric pressure washers have higher energy efficiency than petrol models. This means they use moreelectricity to generate the same water pressure.

  • No fuel costs: Electric pressure washers do not require petrol or diesel to operate, eliminating the costs of purchasing and refueling fuel. This alone exceeds the electricity cost of an electric pressure washer.

  • Lower maintenance costs: electric motors require less frequent and less expensive maintenance than internal combustion engines. This is because they do not have components such as spark plugs, air filters and engine oil that need to be replaced regularly.

In general, the economic savings with an electric pressure washer compared to a traditional petrol one can vary based on various factors, including:

  • Frequency of use: the higher the frequency of use, the greater the savings.

  • Model chosen: the most efficient models with lower energy consumption offer greater savings.

  • Cost of electricity and fuel: If the cost of electricity is low compared to the cost of fuel, the savings will be greater.

In addition to the economic advantages, electric pressure washers also offer other benefits compared to petrol models, such as:

  • Quieter: electric pressure washers are generally quieter than petrol ones, which makes them more suitable for use in domestic environments or residential areas.
  • Lower emissions: Electric pressure washers do not produce exhaust emissions, making them more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.
  • Greater manageability: electric pressure washers are often lighter and easier to handle than petrol models, thanks to the absence of the petrol engine.

Ultimately, if you are looking for an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly pressure washer, an electric pressure washer is the best choice.


Chiudi filtri/Close filters
Portata acqua in pressione/Pressurized water flow
Fissa/mobile - fixed/mobile
Serbatoio d'acqua/Water tank
Portata vapore/Steam flow
Potenza caldaie idropulitrice/Pressure washer boiler power
Riscaldamento acqua/Water heating
Tipo vapore/Steam type
Potenza caldaie vapore/Steam boiler power