What is an ATEX zone?

It is an atmosphere that contains a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist, in such quantities that they could explode if triggered by an ignition source. The ATEX Directives (acronym for ATmosphères EXplosibles) establish the minimum safety requirements for the protection of workers and the prevention of explosions in such environments.

How do ATEX atex zones differ?

Zone 0: Explosive atmosphere present permanently or for long periods.

Zone 1: Explosive atmosphere present occasionally or for short periods.

Zone 2: Explosive atmosphere present in normal operating conditions.

Zone 3: Explosive atmosphere rarely or in limited quantities.

What do we produce?

IdroEletrika ATEX system (IKA-Ex) is a special range of hot water eco-pressure washers specific for explosive risk areas classified as zones 1/21 and 2/22. Unlike traditional high pressure washers which heat the water before entering the pump, ours heat it after passing through the pump, this system has been patented by us and manages to provide longer lasting heating during use using a high scope. Our machines can be customized. It can be requested with hot/preheated or cold water, mobile or fixed. Furthermore, all internal components and the external stainless steel frame have ATEX/EX certifications.


Chiudi filtri/Close filters
Portata acqua in pressione/Pressurized water flow
Fissa/mobile - fixed/mobile
Serbatoio d'acqua/Water tank
Portata vapore/Steam flow
Potenza caldaie idropulitrice/Pressure washer boiler power
Riscaldamento acqua/Water heating
Tipo vapore/Steam type
Potenza caldaie vapore/Steam boiler power