Using an electric pressure washer has numerous water-saving benefits. This tool allows you to effectively clean surfaces using less water than traditional methods.

Thanks to the power of the water pressure sprayed by the pressure washer, you can remove stubborn dirt and residues without having to use a large amount of water. In this way, significant water savings can be achieved without compromising cleaning results.

Furthermore, the electric pressure washer is eco-friendly as it does not require the use of aggressive chemicals. This means that not only do you save water, but you also help preserve the environment by using a sustainable cleaning method


umi - generatore elettrico di acqua calda


During use, it is advisable to maintain an adequate distance between the pressure washer and the surface to be cleaned. In this way, effective cleaning can be achieved with an optimal amount of water.

It’s also important to use steady, slow motions when cleaning, to allow the water to work on the dirt without having to reapply pressure multiple times. It is important to use nozzles or water jets suitable for the type of surface to be cleaned to concentrate the power of the pressure washer only on the affected areas.

It is advisable to plan cleaning so as to group the areas to be treated and make the most of the pressure washer without wasting water.

Finally, it is advisable to avoid leaving the pressure washer on unnecessarily and to use it only when necessary.

Chiudi filtri/Close filters
Portata acqua in pressione/Pressurized water flow
Fissa/mobile - fixed/mobile
Serbatoio d'acqua/Water tank
Portata vapore/Steam flow
Potenza caldaie idropulitrice/Pressure washer boiler power
Riscaldamento acqua/Water heating
Tipo vapore/Steam type
Potenza caldaie vapore/Steam boiler power