IdroEletrika was founded in 2003 as YdroLab by Valerio Zantedeschi, after forty years of experience in the industrial cleaning sector, with hydrocleaners and vapor machines, with a new associate, at the end of 2006, Jeffrey Shelley, who for years had worked in the same sector.
In following precise intuitions geared to solutions of hygiene, sanitization and disinfecting problems in industrial and agro-food sectors, in 2004 specific technological solutions were deposited and patented, those at the basis of the Hydro electric system”.

During these years, the company knew how to put on the food and industrial market, machines that operate daily in the restoration of hygiene and sanitary conditions, thanks to their extreme precision, easy use and non-invasiveness.
Also thanks to our retailers, importers and distributor, today ldroEletrika, besides the Italian market, is present in the most important worldwide markets like North and South America (US, Mexico, Argentina, …), Europe (Scandinavia, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Rumania, Slovakia, …), Australia, China, Japan, India, Middle East and many others.

Our mission is that of brining to light a new working world with reliable machines that absolutely respect the environment, facilitate work and are economically sustainable. The results obtained tell us that we are going in the right direction and the numerous favorable replies, identified us as “a jewel of made in Italy”.

The environmental safeguarding in which we live, is a priority for IdroEletrika, which has been operating, since 2006, on the Italian and international market, by proposing a vast patented range of hydrocleaners with a completely green vapor.

Environmental problems are generally subdivided into three macro-categories: reduction of resources, direct impact on human health and deterioration of ecosystems..

The patented technology of our machines entails a concept of maximum reduction of water used and consequently, less waste, a greater usability on the part of the operators, reducing to a minimum the effort required in handling and directing the jets, and lastly, elimination of harmful fumes emission in the atmosphere, by exclusively using electricity for machine functioning and water heating.