IdroEletrika is a company whose goal is the continuous innovation of its machines and the technology we offer to our customers.


From 2018, our most important product line, “Idroelectric system – IKA”, will change its name to underline its impact in ecological and environmental protection.
We are proud to introduce “ECO system”, the IdroEletrika range of ecowashers based on our reliable and appreciated electric boilers, developed on our patent named “Idroelectric system”, optimizing their performance, durability and function.

Joining the range of the traditional ECOcube and ECOstation models, is the new model ECOjet, with the same quality that has always distinguished all our products but with more competitive prices and smaller dimensions for greater versatility of use:

– motor-pump with by-pass valve;
– total stop with pressure gauge;
– standard boilers with reinforced welds;
– smaller frame for a better handling;
– instruction manual holder in stainless steel;
– one-year structural warranty on boilers.

ECOjet ST - IdroEletrika s.r.l.

With the launch of the new ECOjet model, ECOcube is repositioned as a heavy-duty unit and its design, components and accessory services will evolve as follows:

– enlarged frames;
– foldable handle bar;
– reinforced control buttons and led indicators;
– addition of a pressure gauge;
– addition of a thermometer on panel;
– three hour meters have been added for monitoring the connected to mains power, run time of motor and run time of boilers;
– addition of a timer that turns off the machine after 15 minutes of inactivity to extend the lifespan of the hydraulic system;
– longer boilers with reinforced welds to improve the operating temperature and prolong its durability;
– added a high pressure filter for the nozzle;
– 350 bar spray gun high performance;
– instruction manual holder in stainless steel;
– two-years structural warranty on boilers.

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